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Learn English by Skype with teacherRay, an Australian English teaching professional working and living in Vietnam.


Interesting lessons include screen sharing of engaging Power Point presentations, grammar usage, pronunciation correction, and face to face speaking with teacher Ray, in sessions of 45 minutes.

After each lesson you will be sent materials and links to further understand and practice what was taught in each lesson-and you may send "homework" to me for correction between lessons.


My lessons are taught in "courses" of 5 lessons, 10 lessons or 20 lessons, and you can have a trial lesson forFREE to evaluate if you would like to proceed or not.


Prices are reasonable compared to other market offers for professional ESL lessons. Please feel free to compare.


 5 lessons $115 (US)

10 lessons $220

20 lessons $395


You may choose from

General English for adults-to improve your speaking skills,

IELTS preparation for Immigration,

Business English,

Special English for Job seekers,

and much more.


I have taught English for more than 12 years to speakers of other languages, and as I have taught myself several languages, I understand the challenges you face in learning English.

You will find my methods easy to understand, and easy to study, and my accent is clear and easy to listen to.

I am very patient, and want you to succeed, because the more you succeed, the more you will recommend me to your friends and relatives.


To study with me, you will need to have Skype installed on your computer-Its free and can be downloaded for free by typing Skype in Google and following the instructions.

You will also need a headset microphone and head-set so we can talk. A web cam is NOT necessary.


So why not contact me

add me to your Skype contacts



You have nothing to lose but your poor English skills. Do it today and change your life.


I'm waiting to help you.


Teacher Ray.

  • Apache, Nevada, United States
  • Vung Tau Vietnam
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